Regardless the efforts of “Civilized Chaoyang” locals and the CPP (China Pajama Police, who pretend to abolish the noble tradition of hanging in pajamas in the street) the Beijing HHH is proud to run, once again, “The Annual PAJAMA RUN: Cause comfort is what really matters!”
Crawl out of bed—or off the sofa or off the floor— and bring whoever/whatever was sleeping next to you, and run in whatever you were sleeping in… or put your sleeping clothes back on if that’s the case. 
This Sunday come to the Hash in PAJAMAS (also known as ??, PJs, jammies, nightgowns, teddies, lingerie) and run with your running hares Dazed & Pee or join an unusual pajama walk with your walking hare Masturbaker. 

Flannel, cotton, silk, strings, straps—all sleep attire  are welcome! However lingerie encouraged!!
  • Hares:
    Dazed & Confused, Life of Pee and Masturbacker
    (Did you notice? GMs and former GM)
  • What to Bring:
    PAJAMAS of course!
    Failing to wear Pajamas during run/circle will lead to punishment by your GM and RA or whoever wants to call you in the circle!!
  • Type:
  • When:
    Sunday, March 30th. 2014 
  • Time:
     Meet at 13:30, run starts at 14:00
    (from the restaurant, late comers be aware!)
  • Hash Cash:
    Run only 20RMB, Run+Dinner 70RMB
  • Where:
    At the restaurant 
    East Beixiangcun Home (

    Dong Bei Xiang Cun Ren Jia)

    No. 19 Xinzhongjie, Dongzhimen, Accross Sun City Apartments.
    Closest subway station is DONGZHIMEN (but start point is the restaurant)

    Click here for Map and details