King George/George Washington; Magna Carta/Declaration of Independence; Chips/Fries; Clapton/Hendrix; Dickens/Hemingway; Mr. Bean/George Bush (Jr.); Rolls Royce/Pinto; Man U/Yankees

[not the Sox]; Tom Jones/Frank Sinatra; Manchester/Beverly Hills; Turner/Warhol; James Bond/Jason Bourne; British Museum/Disneyland; Tweed/Jeans; 10 Downing Street/The White House; Stilton/Velveeta; Sherlock/CSI; Tube/Subway; Gin/Bourbon; Bangers/Hot Dogs; Cricket/Baseball; Rugby/Football; Fullers/Budweiser; Winston Churchill/Michael Jackson; Scotland/Puerto Rico; Margaret Thatcher/Marilyn Monroe; London Bridge/Brooklyn Bridge; Prince William/Prince; Spotted Dick/Apple pie; Tea/Coffee; Barristors/Lawyers; Gladstone/Saul Goodman; Diana/Madonna; Rodeo/Polo, Downtown Abbey/Breaking Bad.

We have our differences, but we have one thing in common: We love [and will miss] the Hash!

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  • HARES:
    Runners: USA’s Life of Pee (and maybe you; it’s “live”);
    Wankers: UK’s Knob-in-Hood. We’re leaving Beijing. You’re staying. We are sad. You are glad.
  • TYPE:
    A (Paddy’s) to B (Taiyanggong/Sanyuanqiao).
  • WHEN:
    Sunday, July 6
  • WHERE:
    Start (A) is at Paddy O’Sheas (location here) http://www.mobilenative.com/record.php?poi_id=Qim30Vq9TyA%3D)
    Finish (B) is at Huan le Muren Mongolian BBQ (between Taiyanggong and Sanyuanqiao subway stations).
    Address and phone:
    Tel. 52032565
  • TIME:
    Meet from 13:30, run starts at 15:00.
    Join us for lunch at Paddy’s where there will be free flow Beijing Draft for all Hashers.
    Early meeting time – we leave at 3 pm sharp – if you’re late you have to catch up yourself either leaving stuff at Paddy’s or carrying your gear – we have a car to load and 3 beer stops to fit in!
    Yes we have new T-shirts! Limited edition special 100% cotton t-shirt (pictured), from the Design House of Dazed and Confused.
    We have 3 options:
    20 RMBs run/walk/circle
    60 RMBs run/walk/circle AND Limited Edition T-shirt (only 40 RMBs! You save 20%!)
    99.99 RMBs: run/walk/circle/t-shirt and Mongolian BBQ and….S’mores! (Did I just hear “s’mores”???!!!)
    (Extra t-shirts will be available for sale at 50 RMBs.)