In a beautiful summer holiday, we will do a hash in Shilipu, a nice tour spot, famous in China. One hundred years ago, Concubine Zhen was killed by Cixi, a queen of Qing Dynasty. Concubine Zhen was the beloved concubine of Emperor Guang xu. She sympathized with and supported the Emperor’s views on reform and modernization. After the reform failed, Cixi put Emperor Guang Xu into Jail, and put the anger to Concubine Zhen. When the Allied Forces attacked Beijing in 1900, Concubine Zhen was thrown into and drown in the this well from the order of Cixi.

Her tomb is not far away from the spot we are going to run for Sunday hash. We are hashing in a great city in history. Everywhere we are running in Beijing, there are a huge amount of stories taking place and good tombs are everywhere. We are living a city with many stories and event occurring before. We love running tombs in Beijing.


Beijingsky Bikiniski, Just the tip and Nut Pirate


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Sunday 12th July


Meet at 14:30, run starts at 15:00 sharp!

Hash cash:

20RMB run; 70RMB for run, circle and dinner


Exit D of Shilipu Subways Station (十里堡)of line 6 (六号线), the restaurant is just 10 meter south of Exit.


The restaurant is 邵阳湘菜,Tel:85849085. It is next to the southwest exit of Shilibao subway station of line 6.