This Sunday we will be getting wrecked in this old Beijing Hutong perhaps for the last time before its distastefully demolished in a haze of beer and Miley Cyrus music. Of course this will not be a somber (or sober) event, we will be celebrating with lots of freshly caught seafood from the drain, small skewered crawling critters and plenty of over grown weeds for the vegetarians. So bring your best wrecking balls, wife beaters and battle axes as we have one final gulp of beer before it all goes down, down, down, down….. (down)…


Autoblow, Fetus Envy, and Ezy Rider


A to A


Sunday 16th. of August


Meet at 14:30, run starts at 15:00

Hash cash:

20RMB run; 70RMB for run, circle and dinner

What to bring:

What ever you wear when you do your best demolishing… Wife beater (i.e 男士背心)… beaten wife.. or just beat yourself. For those old Beijingers perhaps you are protesting against this distasteful demolition crew!


麻辣状元火锅 Malazhuangyuan Hotpot (next to Milk Bear) in Xiaoyuehe Hutong 小月河胡同


Subway line 15 Beishatan station exit A – Head 240m West, then right into Xiaoyuehe Hutong before you cross the river. Its about 370m down on the right hand side.
从起点向正西方向出发,沿清华东路走240米,右转进入小月河东路 沿小月河东路走370米,到达终点