Baptism Run

Hey sinners, head on over to Xinjiekou this holy Monday to take part in our tour of some of Beijing’s most impressive houses of worship followed by a dip in the Beihai/Houhai area. We got cathedrals! We got mosques! We got lamaseries! Hell, we even got open checks for the agnostics! Your hares Transylvestite, Defecologist and On Your Knees are fully equipped to baptize, exorcise and circumcize you on this holy endeavor. On On!

Defecologist, Transylvestite, On Your Knees

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Monday Monday Monday June 10, 2013
(as working weekend)


Meet at 14:30, Trail starts at 15:00

Meet at Xinjiekou (line 4) subway station exit D.
For latecomers, restaurant is doupinxiang jiaozicun ?????? at 136 xizhimen neidaijie (bout 300 meters west of subway station, just past Xizhimen cathedral)

Hash Cash:
20RMB run & circle, 70RMB run, circle and dinner