The Force of modern Beijing have driven the Hashers beyond the 4th Ring Road.  Come join your fearless freedom hashers on this run from scenic neighbourhoods already taken over by the Force, over bridge and low waters through to hutongs still unbeknownst to the Force.

  • Type:
  • Hare:
    Kamasutra, One Nipple Up, Spank My Hyde, Luanne
  • When:
    Sunday, Jul 24, 2011
  • Time:
    Meet at 2:30pm and run off at 3:00pm
  • Meet at:
    North east exit of New City Mall ( Xin Cheng Shi Guang Chang)under the Uniqlo sign.
  • Directions:
    Take subway to Hujialou station (line 10) and transfer to BRT line 2 eastbound (stop name: Dongdaqiaodong zhan, approx. 100mwest on Chaoyang lu ) . Get off 7 stops later at Shilipu zhan. You’ll be dropped off right in front of the New City Mall. Walk 10 m south to the Uniqlo sign. Detailed map here 
  • Hash Cash:
    20 run and circle –  60 run and dinner
  • What to bring:
    Lightsaber (optional)

With all the Highjinks and Shenanigans we’ve been having of late,
We thought it was time for something more quaint,
After an rowdy and raucous 4th of July,
The idea that they’re best we thought we’d belie.

History tells us the US from the empire left,
But those who remained know that they are the best,
So to celebrate our superiority we know in our self,
We’re going to show you how Great is our Commonwealth.

For those who are rusty or just ignorant gits,

We’ll give you a highlight of the unique best bits,
There’s some we’ve forgotten, we hope you won’t mind,
But they’re so numerous it would take all of time!

So we start with a classic – its Canada that calls,

Bringing the beaver, moose and better part of Niagara Falls,
They show you North America and all its best bits
Maple syrup and Pamela Anderson’s tits!

Then off Down Under where you can get a great tan,
They have Neighbours, Vegemite and Nicole Kidman,
Their beer may be shit, and they play Aussie Rules,
But they gave us the ‘Ugg’ boot and have Kangaroos.

And onto New Zealand – what shall we target?
The Haka? Or their Liberalised Free-trade Agricultural Market
Their mountains and sheep keep them all ‘fit’,
They have Kiwi bird and fruit and of course – the Hobbit.

There’s South Africa too and Nelson Mandela,
That’s enough really but just for good measure,
They held the world cup and made Charlie Theron,
The ‘sweet’ vuvuzela and yummy biltong

The jewel in the crown is where curry is made,

By a great man named Gandhi was India saved,
The do cricket and Bollywood, live by the Hindu mantra,
Have spices, Bombay Sapphire and of course Kama Sutra…

Then there is Britain, from whom the world follows suit,
Shakespeare, Football, the Wombles and Wellington Boot,
We have Monty Python, New of the World and its sins,
Harry Potter and Custard and most importantly – PIMMS!

And the rest of the club?
 There’s too many to mention 
Making up the Great Brit Museum conglomeration,
Beaches stretching the world, America, Africa and Asia
A multitude of unworldly delights you can savour

And what better way than here in Beijing,
In smog or sunshine their praises we’ll sing,
We’ve found some places to wander along,
Running through, park, alleys railways, and the odd hutong.

And to quench your thirst after a glorious walk/run,

There’ll be something special to enjoy in the sun,
With Gin, Vermouth and Cointreau, there’s no way it’ll be tame,
Yes its Pimm’s O’clock we hear you exclaim!

For those unbrave few, Yanks and mortals mere,
Fear not, there’s the regular supply of copious beers
or join us for fun, frolics and laughter,
Or debaucherous behavior if that’s what you’re after.