What?? really?? that’s 1700 (or more) weekends of awesome runs and circles and a lot of beer!

The Town and Cuntry run

You can take the girls out of the Cuntry, But you can’t take the cunt out of the girls.
(Fuck Off COV & COO)
In the midst of a megacity, did you know?
There are forests, places where trees grow.
And side roads leading past dragon boats,
Where migrant workers live beside small moats.
Where the beer flows freely
When hashers are needy.
And if you look quite closely,
You may see COO and COV,
Cackling happily before fucking off.
Come drink beer, eat heartily, and toast our ladies to send them off..


Comes on Vacation, Chokes one out and Masturbaker


A to A


Sunday, June 7th


Meet at 14:30, run starts at 15:00

Hash Cash:

20 – Run and Circle
100 – Run, circle, beer, food and patch!
150 – Run, circle, beer, food, patch, and Haberdashery awesome Tank top!

Meet up:

Black Sun Bar


Chaoyang Gongyuan lu, West Gate of Chaoyang Park. Line 14 Exit D, walk south on Chaoyang Gongyuan lu, the bar is on the left next to Annie’s!