Remember the time when you had to carry 16 pounds of school books 20 miles to go to your school in the next bigger village, past all those rice paddies and malt fields around your neighborhood? all on foot? How to forget those lovely days when the Baiju was mixed with Fanta to avoid being caught by the teachers? Or those fantastic nights spying the girl’s dorm! Perhaps that time when little Crashie got suspended for throwing a crazy party in the School Canteen! Ohh those were the good old days!!

That’s why this SUNDAY you cannot miss the run!! We will not only refresh memories but run and drink refreshing beers but live heavily the crazy students life! Bearers of thick horn glasses and miniskirts, in that combination, highly welcome.



Herr Splashy Pants, Fetus Envy and Prof. Dr. Dazed & Confused


A to A


Sunday 9th. of August


Meet at 14:30, run starts at 15:00 sharp!

Hash cash:

20RMB run; 70RMB for run, circle and dinner

What to bring:

Miniskirts, student gear, miniskirts, thick glasses lenses, miniskirts… anything that can bring you back to your student life! And miniskirts….


JinDouJiao MenMian 金豆角焖面(对外经贸大学店)  – Right across the UIBE EAST gate Details here


By Subway lines 10/13 Shaoyaoju station exit A, down the stairs, turn around the corner, at traffic light right. Follow the marks! DO NOT TAKE Shortcuts because there are not shortcuts!!
Keep in mind that the restaurant is 800 Meters from the Subway station.

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