While last week’s run through the wilderness brought us hidden jager and posh beer stops, it’s time to re-acclimate to life in the sweltering, hazy and humid bustling city center. This week’s theme was supposed to be celebrating Roadkill’s FOYW and would have been yet another bold and brash 12k Sanlitun run with 2+ beer stops and a special drink stop at his posh residence. BUT, that was not to be and will simply have to wait until his real FOYW in October. Though his generous giveaways of free booze will continue. So in celebration of him staying on a little longer and because he, along with his trusted co-hares of Limp-Fish-Dick and Just Allison (who REALLLLY wants to get named), want to make you sweat in this oppressive heat, we’re heading all the way to Dongzhimen to celebrate them Dog Days of Summer. These dog days are the hottest and most uncomfortable time of summer, so the muggy week ahead provides us the perfect opportunity to hash. So join us as we walk and run through this area’s uninspiring collection of medium rise residences and crowded metropolitan streets in search of only the coldest beers to get us through this godawful humidity; shouting “Who let the dogs out?” at regular intervals. Bring your dog, bark like a dog, wear your best dog themed apparel or collar, poop like a dog, step in dog poop and channel your inner bad bitch to make this hash one for the books.