Ahhhh Halloween. That special time of year when we dress up as our childhood idols, our favorite TV characters, our best 2am ideas, our best taobao search finds, our……. whatever the hell else your lovely brains created. But rather than admiring the artistic values of our creations, whats a hasher to do instead??? Well, probably the same shit we do every weekend!!

Run in a big ol’ circle, drink great beer, and probably be drunk doing it! WWhhhoooooo!!! (But we’ll have costumes, so it’s better!!!!!)

That’s right people, it’s Halloween Hash 2.0 time. After spending Friday night howling at the moon during the full moon hash, it’s time to get your lazy asses out of bed and do it all over.


Don’t let the daytime fool you though, there will still be plenty of evil dog shit to dodge, monstrous goblins looking to pee on you, and poisonous bottles of fake booze looking to tempt you.

Will you survive??



Cheesy Balls, Super Squirter, KiddiePoo

Dress Code

Costumes!!!! Preferably good or embarrassing ones!!!

Date and Time

Saturday, October 27, 2018
Meet at 1:30pm, Run starts at 2pm Sharp!!(ish)


30 RMB for run and circle
80 RMB for run, circle, and dinner

Meeting Spot

Hai Min Xin


We know everyone wants to party late into the night, so we are gonna be close to Sanlitun. How nice of us!!!!
Get off at Hujialou station (line 6 and 10). Go out exit B and then turn around (go south) until the first alleyway, then turn left (east) and the restaurant will be about 200ish meters down. It’s close to subway!!