This week’s hash is brought to you by the letter ‘M’


Who killed Pamela?

Was it Big Bird?

Was it Ernie?

Or was it Snuffleupagus (actual spelling), all along?

This Saturday, we are going back to 1937 to relive Midnight in Peking, the true story of the grisly slaying of a young British woman that shook the city to its core. We will trace back Pamela’s final steps and uncover Peking’s dark underbelly and forgotten streets.

On this same day in the fine year of 1969, Sesame Street was born! Coincidence? We think NOT. If only it were so simple! Official reports mention several witnesses seeing a heavy-set heavily-intoxicated individual by the site of Pamela’s death the morning of. Could this have been Grover?

Did Count Von Countula target poor Pamela just to add another tally to his kill score? (The Count’s lust for murder has been conveniently written out of later Sesame Street episodes.)Why was there no mention of cookie crumbs in police reports, even though there very may well have been?

This Saturday amidst high politics, elite lifestyles, and Bert’s (of Bert and Ernie) propensity towards rubber duckies and unflavored soda water, the lies stop. And the hash investigates.


Molotov Monster, AutoElmo, & Sherlock Hole

Dress Code

Midnight in Peking, Sesame Street attire

Date and Time

Saturday, November 10th, 2018
Meet at 1:30pm, Run starts at 2pm Sharp!!(ish)

Hash Cash

30 RMB for run and circle
80 RMB for run, circle, and dinner


Qing Zhen Hui Min Fan Guan
#36 Suzhou Hutong
苏州胡同 36号


From Line 2 Beijing Zhan (Beijing Railway Station) Exit A follow the marks west. Turn right at the first street and head north. Turn left at Suzhou Hutong and the restaurant is just ahead.