1. Select General Run Area

a) Discuss with your co-hare the area you are interested. Ideally away from areas we have run in the past four weeks.

b) Plan, plan, plan…Google Maps always work in a good planing. See example below:

A 3 beer stop run planned for runners and walkers

2. Select Restaurant

a) If the hashers are to meet at a metro station, the hash restaurant should be less than 1km away.

b) Scan the menu. Most dishes should range from 8 RMB to 45 RMB, with the average to be about 25 RMB.

3. Negotiate with Restaurant

a) Ask if the restaurant is ok with storing hashers’ bags from 2:30pm to 5:30pm in the winter (or during summer 3:30pm to 6:30pm). If not, you can arrange a bag car to safekeep hashers’ bags or go to another restaurant.
b) Beer – Negotiate! Should be less than 6 RMB / bottle. The other option is to buy outside beer and bring into the restaurant. Ask the restaurant if this is ok.

c) Sometimes the restaurant asks for a deposit. This is ok but do not commit to a minimum number of tables. For winter months you can say 1 to 3 tables and for fair-weathered months you can tell them 2 to 4 tables. Tell them that you will give them more accurate numbers around 2:30pm (3:30pm summer).

d) Dining area – Private room or off to a corner away from the other regular diners is best.

4. Cooperative Restaurant

a) Easygoing restaurant manager or staff goes a long way. It is your judgment call. Beer price and bag storing are often the main sticking points. Don’t be afraid to walk out at this stage to find a more cooperative restaurant.

5. Select Circle Location

a) Privacy is best although not always possible. Side street is better than main street where foot traffic is high. Small parks by residential neighborhoods are ok if it is not right outside someone’s apartment window. Sometimes the hash restaurant has a suitable indoor or outdoor space, negotiate with them.

b) Ideally should be less than 1km away from the restaurant.

c) Ideally should be less than 500m away from a beer shop.

6. Select Beer Vendor Near the Circle Site

a) This is for the circle beer. Usually you need 1 to 3 crates depending on the temperature and number of people. Cost is normally 3 RMB / bottle. The 3 RMB includes a 0.5 RMB deposit, which you will get back from the vendor when you return the bottle. Each beer crate also has a deposit of 50 RMB, same principle. Past experience indicates that the hares are usually too drunk to manage the math by the time they return the bottles. Good luck.

b) In the summer it is critical to ask the vendor to put the beer in the refrigerator a few hours before the circle. Half the time the vendor ignores our request or does a very poor job of icing the beer. Do whatever is in your powers (legally) to get this message across.

7. Scout Full Trail Starting from the Restaurant

a) One way to do this is to look at a map of the area, select key points of interest (a park, a temple, scenic spot, etc.), then connect the dots and bring this map to your scouting trip. Adjust as you go because the map may show a road that goes through when in fact it does not.

b) Beer stops: Suggest two in the winter and three in the summer. Have them evenly spaced if possible.

c) Walker’s trail should be about half or two-thirds of the distance of the runner’s trail. It would be nice to plan both trails so that they arrive at the same beer stops at the same time.

d) If you will not have a walking hare on Sunday, note the walker’s trail carefully and make a walker’s maps for use on day of the run.

8. Arrange Chalk, Cups, Walkers Maps

a) It is not so easy to find Chalk these days, so buy it in advance or buy it when you see them. Convenience stores in very local neighborhoods or toy stores tend to have them. Otherwise there is very over-priced chalk for sale at IKEA.

b) Although we ask hashers to run/walk with their hash plastic mugs, it is a good idea to still bring some paper cups along for the beer stops.

c) If you have no walking hare and not so confident of the walking trail markings, draw a walkers map in advance and make a few photocopies.

9. Inform WebWank Run Info

a) Do so before noon on Wednesday. Include meeting point details and a write-up to attract hashers to your run.

10. Reconfirm with Restaurant (Days before the run)

a) If it has been more than a week since you last visited the restaurant, call the restaurant to reserve how many tables you need for Sunday.

11. Visit the Restaurant (Day of Run)

a) Reconfirm the reservation and find out where we will store hashers’ bags.

b) Inform restaurant that dinner will be around 5:30pm (or 6:30pm in the summer)

12. Order Food for One Table

a) If each table (Chinese restaurant round table) has 10 people, then order food at a budget of 300 RMB per table. Usually hashers request an additional dish or soft drinks at dinner. This way you can use up the budget more efficiently.

b) Tell the restaurant that you will inform them of number of tables at 2:30pm (or 3:30pm in the summer).

13. Reconfirm with Circle Beer Vendor

a) Check that they have enough beer on hand.

b) If it is summer, ask them to ice the beer then.

14. Double-check Circle Location Availability

a) Sometimes the circle location becomes blocked with cars etc and you may need to find an alternative location.

15. Marking the Trail

a) “On On” – The right trail:


b) “Open Check” – Any direction within 100m. First “On On” mark indicates the correct trail:


c) “Three Way” or “Two Way”


– One of the three directions is correct. (Or one of the two in the case of a “Two Way”)
– The first “On On” mark after the Three Way is On One.
– The second “On On” mark is On Two.
– The third “On On” mark is On On. You have found the right trail!

d) “False Trail” or “Oh Shit!” – If you see this mark at the end of a Two Way or Three Way, go back and try another direction:


e) “Hash Hold” or “Hash Halt” – Stop and wait for others to arrive before continuing:


f) “Beer Stop” – Stop and wait for others to arrive and drink the golden nectar of the gods! 2 is always a good start:


d) “Walker’s Trail” – This is the only mark to indicate the correct walker’s trail:


16. Buy & Bring Bottled Water to Front of Restaurant

a) Usually 1 to 1.5 RMB per bottle. In the winter, plan 1 bottle per person. In the summer, plan 1.5 to 2 bottles per person. Take remaining bottles of water to the circle later.

17. Wait at Meeting Point

18. Obtain Dinner # from Hash Cash

19. Inform Restaurant # of Tables

20. Explain the Marks to Virgins

a) Assign one hare to write down common hash marks on the ground at the run start.

b) Inform GM that hares are ready. GM announces run number and hands over to the hares.

c) Hare explains the marks to virgins. Can offer hares’ mobile phone numbers and hand out restaurant business cards to virgins.

d) Hand out chalk to the fast and medium-fast runners; ask them to mark the correct way as they solve each three-way or open check.

e) Separate the runners and walkers and note the respective number of people. Point out the walking hare to the walkers or hand a few copies of the walker’s map to the walkers.

21. Sweep Slow Runners During Run

a) One hare should be the sweeping hare. Make sure virgins come back in one piece.

b) Take note of spending at beer stops to aid subsequent settlement with Hash Cash.

22. Obtain Updated Dinner # from Hash Cash

a) Hashers often change their minds about dinner. Ask Hash Cash again after the run for the latest. Sometimes you need an additional table!

23. Inform Restaurant Updated #’s

a) This may mean that the original private room is no longer suitable. You may need to move to the main dining area.

24. Bring Beer, Cups to Circle

25. Bring Hashers to the Circle

a) In the winter the sun can go down as early as 4:50pm. Manage your time carefully so that there is still daylight in the circle.

26. Appoint Beer Ayis

27. Inform GM/RA that Circle is Ready


a) More Beer drinking

b) More More Beer drinking

c) More More More Beer drinking

29. Manage Dinner Bash, Verify Dinner Bill for Hash Cash

30. Get Reimbursement from Hash Cash

31. Finish, ON ON!