It’s 40 degrees, the air is thick, the trail is winding. You move as swiftly as you can through the narrow hutongs listening carefully for the distant calls of ‘On, On’ desperately in search of the thing you love most… cold, refreshing beer. Armed with your finest squirting device you tentatively turn each ambush ready corner in an attempt to do what you do best, get everyone wet.

Be prepared to get wetter (as Cruise LineHer returns to the water), be wilder and Blow Harder than you’ve ever blown before… Its the Wet, Wild and Windmilled hash!!

Cum armed to make everyone wet and don your finest swimming attire (birthday suit?) as we get wild in the hutongs for Blow Harders birthday!


Sunday 1-July


Meet at 14:30. Run starts at 15:00


Blow Harder, Piss’n’Chips, Cum in my Brum and Cruise LineHer

Hash Cash:

30 RMB run/walk and circle
80 RMB run/walk, circle, and dinner

Meet up:

FuRong FanZhuang Restaurant


From Line 2/8 GuLou DaJie Station Exit G, walk south about 300 meters to DoFuChi Hutong and make a left turn. Walk east on DoFu Chi Hutong for about 500 meters to Baochao Hutong and make a right turn. Walk south on Baochao Hutong less than 50 meters to the restaurant, FuRong FanZhuang, on your right.