Remember the days, in the Beijing of old,
When the hutong were bustling, and the Yanjing was cold?

The air came in flavors, most heavy with soot,
And old dirty bar street, was less navigable by foot.

On every street corner, you could find a jianbing,
Before Fangjia was lost, to the great brickening.

Those days are all gone now,
Soon your hares will be, too
But don’t shed a tear,
As we bid you adieu.

Just come see us off,
We’ll go out with a bang,
Ignore all the rules,
And drink all we can!

Paint the sky white,
Bring light to the dark,
(And quite possibly,
Get kicked out of the park)

***Warning: Brace yourselves for liquor down-downs (your hares have lots to get rid of)

****Also: Sparklers! (bring gloves)


Roadkill, Asstonguer, Lick It To Ride


Sunday, October 21, 2018


Meet at 1:30PM, Run starts at 2PM!!!!



Hash Cash:

30RMB run/walk and circle
80 RMB run/walk, circle, and dinner


河湖·很久前烤串坊 (HeHu HenJiu Qian)
安定路小关街甲25号 (Jia. No. 25 XiaoGuanJie)


Get out at Exit C of AnZhenMen Station (Line 10), walk east for 50 m, turn right and walk south for another 100 m or so. The restaurant is on your right