The end of the old year is nigh..
Remember all those New Year resolutions you made with such vigour and optimism this time last year but found so difficult to keep?
No, neither do we.
So do something for your first time ever on this hash – be the FRB, take a short cut, buy ice cream for everyone at the first beer stop, take up smoking, tell the Hares it’s the best trail ever, reuse that paper cup at every beer stop and at the circle, praise President Trump or the Mismanagement, search in every direction at every open check, say how clean the air is.. – and then promise never to do it again in 2019: a resolution you can actually keep.
And there may be some mulled wine to help you keep those promises, but we’re not promising anything.


Breakfast Included, Lost in Marks and Spencer and MasturBaker

Date and Time

Sunday, yes, SUNDAY, December 30th, 2018
Meet at 1:30; run and walk start at exactly 2pm


A to A

Hash Cash

30 RMB for run/walk and circle
80 RMB for run/walk, circle, and dinner


Chengdu Xiao Chu Restaurant, No 3-11 Shilipu, Chaoyang District
Phone: +86 10 65570028


Subway Option 1:
Exit E, SiHui, Line 1
Go north for 200m.
Turn right (East) onto Lin Lin Lu for 500m.
Turn left (North), cross the railroad tracks, about 260m.
Restaurant on your left.

Subway Option 2:
Exit D, ShiLiPu, Line 6.
Go south for 1.4km (30% longer than Option 1).

Bus Option:

(Shorter walk, if you can manage the Chinese language)
ShiLiPu (十里堡) stop: BRT2, 115, 419, 488, 635, 639
DongBaLiZhuang (东八里庄) stop: 95, 350, 615