We are here today to commemorate the future leaders of…… Gettin’ fucked up! This October 13th Chewancca, You Cunt See Me, and Shanghai Man summon all hashers with a Drunk Point Average of .08 or above to attend the Hash Masturation Ceremony at Tsinghua University! The golden showers have ended so let’s go through the sexy pathways and drunken alleys of Hash University together! Hashers who have not yet graduated are invited to attend for oral support. For our dear hash alumni who have already stumbled down the aisle, we invite you to come and reminisce! Together your hares will lead you through that bush where you really lost your virginity, that classroom where you nearly got your life together, and that text book you vomited all over.  We guarantee this Masturation Ceremony of the Ass of 2019 will be purely sextra-curricular in nature! ON ON!


You Cunt See Me, Chewancca, Shanghai Man


Sunday, 13 October, 2019, meet up at 13:30, run starts at 14:00 ( Switch to winter time)

Hash Cash:

30 rmb run only

80 rmb run & dinner

Dress Code:

Cap and gown OR your favorite University clothing.


阿健重庆火锅 Apt. 4-7  Beijing University Apartment, South Road Qinghua, Haidian  北京市海淀区清华南路北大公寓4-7(清华大学西门向南200米路东)