One glorious day, a year ago to the date, three hashers dared to dream. A dream of always cold beer, of cheap snacks, of a beer stop that was always near. Of splendidly euphoric music emanating from The Greatest Bar in Asia – she that never closes during lockdowns…Seven Eleven! Praise be.

This years’ trail marks the first anniversary of the original 7/11 Hash of 7km with 11 beer stops. Prepare your festive 7/11 shirts or dress in a combination of green, orange, red, and white. We will be continuing the tradition of the taping of the cans and the 7/11 circle jousting to honor this glorious day. And with that… let us hares lead you in prayer:

Our Convenience Store, who art full of cold beer,
everlasting be thy fame;
thy Asahi cold; thy sushi cheap
with Doritos as there are in America.
Give us this day some alleyway head;
and forgive us for stripping outside of you
as we forgive those who stare at us while we drink outside;
and lead us not into Family Mart,
but deliver us from Bianlifang.

Hash cash:
30rmb for non-drinkers, 70rmb for drinkers.

Your Hares:
Gobblin’ King, Whacks it Lyrical, Stillett-Ho

Trail is A-B no bag drop, resto is 7/11 pay as you go.

12:30 meet up 1:00 start SUNDAY 7/11. (November 7th)

Flash riot in a Family Mart
(Or just Paddy’s)

D’erections to meet up spot:
Sihui Subway Line 1 Exit E