When the day is gone and the night strikes, everything seems so simple, if there is a Little moon light. Nothing Really matters in a random night, after all that is what it is: A random, simple night. But this is not the case of the coming nights… one night in particular is coming with its murky charm… so magical and inexplicable that only a very few can really see what is behind. The day is gone and the night strikes, but this time is not simple! this time is dark… dark times light up by the horror and despair of another FULL MOON NIGHT!!
Let the creatures of night feel the thirst of those alleys of a summer night, hutongs, streets, forests and parks are preferred for those who want to see the dark light, once again is time for the BEIJING FULL MOON RUN: DAMN THE ASTROLOGISTS, THE FULL MOON IS ALWAYS BIG!

  • TYPE:
    A to A, Live trail, old school catch-the-hare rules
  • HARE:
    Our faith will be chosen right there
  • WHEN:
    TONIGHT Tuesday 8th may – 7:30pm, Hare off at 8:00pm
  • WHERE:
    Because you ask for it again and the summer is almost here: We meet at The Camel Lace next to the Drum and Bell Tower

    Check Map Here

    We equally share the expenses (bring extra 5 kuai for park entrance)
    Flashlight/headlamp, dry bag, virgins, new shoes, “Get Out of Jail Free” card, Silver bullets, crucifixes, garlic, holy water or one of those small leprechauns from Ireland… But still travel light…