There is no bus service from Tim’s on Sunday. 

If you are planning on joining the joint Beijing-Boxer Hash on Sunday, you need to figure out your own transporation to Nanshan. Please plan to arrive by 12:30PM at the latest. We’ll cover the costs you incur on the Nanshan shuttle or public bus + short taxi ride option within the 150RMB hash cash.  Please call Dry Hole (134.6660.8847) to confirm there is room on the hash bus for your ride home!

  • Nanshan Shuttle
    The Sunday 8:30AM shuttle from Sanyuanqiao needs to be booked one day in advance by calling 8909-1909.  The bus pulls away at 8:30AM, so make sure to get there before; it might take you a minute to find it.  Take Exit D from Sanyuanqiao subway station and head 300m northwest towards Shu Guang Da Sha.  The bus is in the lower-level parking garage located between Shu Guang Da Sha and, on the south side, Times Fortune Plaza.  The shuttle is 20RMB.  There are three hashers booked on the Sanyuanqiao shuttle already.
  • Public Bus
    • 980 KuaiBan from Dongzhimenwai (northeast of the Dongzhimen station a bit).  This takes the Jingcheng Expy straight to Miyun and you can get out at the first stop in Miyun, the fifth stop overall, Miyun Taiyang Jiayuan (??????).  Take a taxi from there, it’s pretty close, should be less than 20RMB if not only 10RMB if you’re a good haggler. The bus ride will take anywhere from 50min to 90mins in bad traffic.
    • 970 also from Dongzhimenwai, but NOT an express bus.  You can get out at the 24th stop, Miyun Henan Zhai (?????) which is very close to Nanshan, no more than 10RMB taxi away. This should take just over an hour or closer to two hours if traffic is crazy bad.