Beijing HHH Away Hash 2023, we are going to Inner Mongoliaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Let`s go!!!!!!

Train ticket sale from August 4th 14:00, it`s hard to buy group tickets for passports, so please buy your own ticket, and if you need help, contact us.

Train info:

Aug.18th: 北京北包头G248313:41-1715

Back ticket:


We will have bus to pick us all at Baotou  railway station, so if you can not make it on that train, please make sure to arrive Baotou  railway station earlier than 17:15 Aug18th.

Same way back, we will have bus sent us to Baotou railway station around 17:00 Aug.20th, if you want to choose other transportation, please book it later that 17:00 Aug.20th.


Walking hare: Doggy Nipple Liquor;

Running hare: Shitposter_69;

Special train trail hare: Singaporn Star;

About the running and walking trail:

Running trail will be about 8km, almost no elevation rise .

Walking trail 3km, almost no elevation.

Special train trail: You will need  to get off every stop of the train, and run to the farthest carriage, details  will be explained by then by Singaporn star, it`s optional.


18-20th Aug 2023



Aug.18th,1.00-1.30pm meet at Waiting Hall of Beijing North railway station, train departure is at 1.41pm.


Hash Cash:

1199 RMB gets you…

–     One night desert camp and one night yurt hotel

–     Local bus fee for 3days

–     Bottomless beer on bus and train and Snacks

_    5 meals including a local food lunch and a full mongolian  feast brunch

_    Ticket on grassland covers 12 out of 22 items including 3 major shows , archery and horse racing game.

_     Bonfire party on second evening

_    Water and other drinks

_     Local fruits, water melons and sweet melons

–     Travel Insurance


First night camping( no shower, public toilet,but spacious and comfortable inside,  2persons per tent):


Second day yurt hotel, 4persons “orgy room” with seperate bathroom:


Room for  3 persons is same with 4-person room , need to pay 125/per room extra. So team up for 4 to have fun and save money.

Room for  one person is available , need to pay 200/per room extra.


Room for  double bed is available , need to pay 265/per room extra.



Not sure everyone will be interested in camel riding and desert off-road car( not self-driving), the price of these two are exluded, which is 80 and 130.


There is one extra long horse riding on grassland,for safety reasons of the grassland management, it is excluded in our grassland set ticket, which is 180 one way 2km riding and 280 round trip about 4km riding and a nomadic family visiting.



First day Aug 18th Notes
13.00-13.30 Meet at Beijing  north railway station G2483,departure  at 13:41
17.15 Arrive at   Baotou  station  Chilly  there, prepare your extra layers
17.40 Get on bus to  Ordos city There will be  snacks on bus, but careful about drinking
17.40-19.40 Bus ride High way, rare  pee stops,150km
19.40 Arrive at Jinshaling  desert
20.10 Dinner  Normal Chinese food
21.30 Desert full  moon trail  Will lay  the trail by glow sticks, and collect them back later. .
22.00 Circle  There  will be small fireworks, full moon hash gm/ra. Plenty of beer
22-23.00 Barbeque night  snacks  Self  service or order from restaurant
Second day Aug 19th Notes
5.00 Hangover desert  sun rising trail Optional
8.30 Breakfast Normal Chinese  breakfast
9.00-10.50 Desert hiking,  camel riding and sand sliding, off-road sand car Optional, camel  riding80, off-road car 130(not self drive)

Sand sliding  free

11.00 Bus to grassland  108km,  beer on bus
12.20       Arrive at Xini town  Chalk talk
12.30 Running trail to Prairie Praire trail,  runners and hares will be off together, 8km
12.50 Walkers trail 3km
13.40 End of the  trail
13.50 Lunch Local food in  the town
14.50 Off to Prairie
15.10 Arrive Ordos  Prairie Mongolian  guests welcoming ceremony and Horse-Dismounting drinking ceremony
15.30-16.00 Hotel  reception 4-person room

3-person room  +125extra

2-person  room+265extra

5-    person room  +200extra


16.10-18.00 Prairie hiking  tour 5km, the  ticket cover 12 from 22 items, you can choose and experience then or next  morning
18.00-18.45 Equestrian  drama ‘HERO’(actors and actresses are all perform on the back of horses) One of the  major shows, worth watching
19.00-22.30 Dinner,  bonfire party, barbeque lamb Whole lamb   barbeque is available, not included in dinner, 2880 per lamb about  20kg and there`ll be  special Mongolian ceremony with it. We will  decide and share among  participants if there`s need.
Third day Aug 20th Notes
5.00 Hangover prairies  sun rising trail Optional
9.00 Hotel check  out Luggage  deposit at hotel reception or on bus;
9.20-11.00 Mongolia  brunch Mongolia worrier  challenge; Eat enough food, then one baijiu shot and run around restaurant  one lap, total 5 shots, optional.
11.00-12.50 Grassland  experiencing  The  items you didn’t try the previous day
12.50-13.30       Show of Ordos  Wedding Another one of  the major shows, worth watching.
14.00-16.40 Bus to Baotou  railway station G2486,  departure at Baotou railway station 17.46
17.46-21.19 Special train  trail hared by Singaporn star You will need  to get off every stop of the train, and run to the farthest carriage, details  will be explained by then.

What to Bring:

Passport/ID card; Extra layers! Sunscreen, flippers, personal toiletries, personal medicines, other personal items . Mobile phone, power bank, running or hiking shoes, a water bottle or water pouch.

A sense of adventure, direction, and humour.


Cards and board games on the train;


We need to know  the numbers, go ahead to register.

Sign up link:  scroll down to click “Read more”

Meet Up:

Aug18th 13.00-13.30

Beijing North railway station Waiting Hall




If you come by subway:


Xizhimen subway station , Exit Beijing North railway station



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