If you’re reading this then it’s now the year 2020. You may have been stumbling through the last stages of Erlingyijiu, frolicking about and enjoying yourself. Or maybe you just had a peaceful and relaxing evening. Maybe you simply don’t remember.

In any case, the Hash is in a few days (or sooner, if you’ve been too hungover to read this already) so the hares cordially invite you to join them for the first Hash of the year!

They say to start the year as you mean to go on. So what better way than to start with a hash!? We say that going to the first Hash of 2020 will set you up nicely for the entire year, that it will make all your wishes come true, that you will find your one true love, that it will shave x amount off your (drinking) PB etc. etc. And we’d be telling you the truth*

So come along to what can undeniably be hailed as the best Hash of the Year so far! (Disclaimer: Also the worst)

*We may not in fact be telling the truth.


Cums 4 Seconds, Not Tonight, Up the Butt (no babies)


Saturday 4th January 2020


Meet at 13:00 pm, Departure at 13:30 pm

Hash cash:

30 RMB run only

80 RMB run & dinner


渝乡村私房菜(北苑路店) ,Yuxiangcun Private Home Dishes (Beiyuanludian),北京市朝阳区北苑路北卜蜂莲花超市北侧, North of  Lotus supermarket, North Beiyuan Road, Chaoyang


Beiyuanlu North station (Line 5) Exit B1. Head North along Beiyuan road. You will cross a big intersection and go past a mall. Turn right on to a small street. The restaurant is not far along, and on the left.
Or just go to the pin!