After a wild full moon hash and party Friday night at QS (ask BlowHarder about the incredible views) and a grueling hungover boxer run Saturday (assuming you don’t fall while trying to rock climb for the second time in your lives), nobody would blame you for just staying home Sunday and having a good rest.

Actually, no, that’s not true. I will blame you. A lot!

Complete your hash-weekend trifecta Sunday with a trail so shitty, your hangover would kill you NOT to be there.


Cheezy Balls, Moaning Lisa, Just Tommy


Sunday, May 31st


Meet 2:30 PM (lol), Run starts at 3:00 PM (lmao)

Hash Cash:

30 RMB


Dongdan (Line 1 and 5) Station, Exit D
东单 (1, 5号线) 地铁站D口


Location pin will be posted on the day of run via WECHAT