So no one told you life was gonna be this way……

Through life’s ups and downs Friends are what makes everything a bit more manageable.When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year…..the best thing to get out of second gear is BEER and the Friends there with you.  Whether you’re passed out at Paddy’s or somewhere else outside there’s (hopefully) always a Friend to help you find your keys, phone, and wallet and help you call the Didi to get you home.

Hash’ll be there for you

(When the rain starts to pour}

Hash’ll be there for you

(Like we’ve been drunk before)

Hash’ll be there for you

(Cause you’re there for me too)

Matthew Perry


So join us at the Friends Café in Beijing to celebrate the life and laughs of Friends and Matthew Perry.

…………….is what we would have said if it hadn’t closed.

The meetup was originally supposed to be at the Friends Café, a full recreation of Central Perk from Friends in Beijing but apparently that died too so……we found a new location.

Lazy runners don’t come

diligent walkers are welcomed

no dogs because it’s not allowed

trail running shoes will be good

it’s city hash but not one real city

we will get on the rail even though

sometimes we really get off the rail


All Asshole No Sack, Elf Rider, Pukelid’s Taxivomitry


A to A

Bag Drop Available


Saturday, November 11th, 2023


Meet at 1:30pm, run starts at 2pm

Hash Cash:

30 RMB: Beer Stops & Circle

75 RMB: Dinner


Mom Zhang Sichuan Restaurant in Sishi Street Mall



From QingNianLu Exit B walk north 600 Meters to Sishi Street Mall.


As usual, this is an adult activity in which we behave like children so expect to see nonsense, licentiousness, a modest level of drunkenness and considerable rude behaviour going on. There may be vomiting on this occasion. Don’t be offended; we’re always like that and if you’re here you’re doing it too. For all of those reasons this isn’t a kid-friendly activity so – unless you’re table 1 – best stay home. More regular members of society are of course very welcome and can of course take part, but be polite, don’t be purposefully rude and remember that if you’re running there’s no winner.