It will be a different one! You heard this many times, for sure. At least a variation of it (Next time you’ll cum too, I swear!—The next beer will be cold!—Next time I really care about your problems!)But the Hares promise you, this time for real, it will be a different one!

Join Hot Cockolate, Tinderella and Master Baker this Saturday, April 20th, 2019 for an amazing we don’t care at all trail at the edges of Beijing’s CBD. We might enter it from the rear, but it’s not a promise.

It will be a different one! Because all of the Hares actually have never been together to scout or discuss the trail until this point in time! Who cares? The Hares don’t, as it will be a different one!

It will be a different one! Na, the Hares are not so sure about this anymore! There will be cold beer (the shop clerks promised that the beer will be cold!), a shitty trail (the Hares even hired a guy to provide some poo during the run!) and a wonderful dinner (no idea about that, all the nice restaurants around did not fit the budget requirements at all!). This sounds like promise land, doesn’t it?

Anyhow, it will be a different one! Meet up at Hujialou subway station, Line 6/10, exit B (North-East) on Saturday, April 20th! Be on time at 13.30hrs so we can grab your money or digital wallets! The run is  moderately priced at 30Rmb a Hasher, but adding dinner to your run, ruins your kids (or future kids) college funds, 80Rmb a pop it is for the full service. Happy endings not included!

It will be a different one, Hot Cockolate insists, and she might be right! It’s the Easter Saturday extravaganza, that’s for sure, and this is different to all the other weekends you waste your time hashing around Beijing!


Hot Cockolate, Master Baker, Tinderella


Saturday, April 20th


Meet at 1:30 PM, Hash starts at 2PM


A to A

Hash Cash:

30RMB for the hash and circle

80RMB for hash, circle and dinner


Hujialou subway station, Subway Line 6/10, exit B (North-East)