What’s your favorite number? For some, it may be the day they were born. For some, it may be the shortest distance to beer. For others, there’s always the answer to the perpetual question of life, the universe, and everything.

Come with us for a traditional early winter slog through the backstreets of our city, counting the number of bends in our trail and the surprisingly short time remaining before it goes dark again. Find someone to talk to provocatively, and count the number who react. Breathe in the life-affirming ambiance of the old city, and marvel at the tolerance of the people whose houses we run past. Did nobody warn them? Not the hares, clearly.

Your hare team for this event, whose favorite number is four, is Just Geoff, Dry Hole, Fetus Envy and 007, who will probably be both shaken and stirred. We might not have martinis, but your hares promise good German and craft beer for the beer stops and circle, and a delicious Yunnan bash to follow. Increase your indulgences and join us in the autumn sun this Saturday as we send off 007 on his (allegedly) last hash in Beijing!

Your Hares:

Just Geoff, Dry Hole, Fetus Envy and 007


Saturday 23 November; assemble from 13:30, drop bags, run away at 14:00


52 Jiaozi Hutong, Dongsi, Dongcheng, Beijing


Hash cash:

30rmb run alone

80rmb run and dinner


Take subway line 6 to Dongsi station. Leave Dongsi subway station by exit ‘A’, turn right onto Longfusijie, turn left at the end and walk North (100m) on Dongsibeidajie. A number of other exits are also available.

When you see this on the left side:

Turn left into the road (road!) that has the restaurant meeting point, Jaozi Hutong, walk into a sea of hashers hiding in full view outside the restaurant. Drop bags, chalk ‘n talk, On, On!