Fortunate sons and daughters of the hash, join us on the most auspicious of days, 8.8, for a trail of many blessings. You may Cum 4 Seconds, you probably won’t step in Kiddiepoo, and anyone you proposition definitely won’t say Not Tonight. Bask in the glory of some very charming statues, pass through the felicitous arches of Golden Brige (which I like to imagine some official decided that if the ‘d’ is silent, then fuck it) and drink plenty of tasty tasty Yan Jing beer. Cum get lucky and unreasonably drunk with the Beijing Hash. On on!


Cums 4 Seconds, Kiddie Poo, Not Tonight


Saturday 8th August


Meet 2:30 PM, Run starts at 3:00 pm

Hash Cash:

30 RMB


Guangximen Subway Station (Line 13) – Exit A


If leaving the subway station, turn left before reaching the road and keep walking along the path by the subway line. After 80-100m you’ll reach the start (HOME).
地铁B口出,然后左转,进入一个小公园,走80-100米左右,和hashers前见面 (HOME)。