Sunday, October 11… What wonderful day to hash!!

We celebrate all kind of awesome things on this day: New emperors taking over, scientific discoveries, universities inaugurations, even the launching of the 1st steam-powered ferryboat, The Juliana” in 1811, which later would inspire Walt Disney’s first animated cartoon with Mickey Mouse, Steamboat Willie in 1928! But there is more… it is also the day, in this very unusual year that the Beijing Hash House Harriers officially welcome WINTER TIMES so you get an extra hour of daylight and of course, 1 hour more of beer drinking!!
That means that this SUNDAY, run starts at 2:00 PM.

But since we are so “celebrative”, as true hashers must always be,  we also want to join the celebrations of the “Coming Out Day” which encourages civil awareness recognizing and supporting those in the LGBTQ community, so feel free to wear all those rainbows and colors on this fantastic day!

So hashers, lets go west, young and old, for waterways and alleyways. There will be scenic scenes and lots of interesting views. The runners and walkers course will be good for many reasons. Being the main reason NICE AWESOME COLD BEER!!



John The Baptist, Dazed & Confused, Just Youqiao
(Feat. Kevin the Bichon Frise to make sure is a dog friendly trail)


A-B (No bag drop)


SUNDAY, October 11


Meet 1:30 PM, Run starts at 2:00 pm

Hash Cash:

30 RMB Run and Circle


Line 2, XiZhiMen, exit E1


From the XiZhiMen West Exit, head north for about 250 M. We are meeting right in front of the “Miss Mousse” sign at the Zhidi Zuanhe Center (智地钻河中心停车场). Or just follow the marks from the Zixhimen Mall.