Out with the old in with the new. It’s time to rid ourselves of the year that was and celebrate a new beginning. A time to commit to making ourselves better people, a time to make resolutions to enrich our lives. So, with that, cum join us for the…

“No Excuse Hash #1985”

Because without the excuses, you might have to actually get in and do something important, rather than just tell yourself that you can’t.

This week we’re exploring the Liulitun District. This neighborhood just east of the 3rd ring rd. and south of Sun Park is surrounded by 3 beautiful urban parks and you will have exactly zero excuses to be there.

“I have a hangover” It’s January 2nd Your New Year’s Eve hangover is gone – No Excuse

You promised yourself this is the year you get your swimsuit body back – No Excuse

The weather is going to be perfect, it’s going to be back to 0 – No Excuse

“I Haven’t Got Time.” Nobody does. It’s freaking 3 hours out of 168 – No Excuse

“I’m Too Busy with X.” You’re binge watching GOT for God’s sake- No Excuse

“My Life is Complicated at the Moment”.  Let’s talk it out while we run – No Excuse

“I don’t run hills.” 0 elevation change – No Excuse

“Transportation is not convenient.” The meet-up is near 2 metro lines – No Excuse

“I have a broken leg.” OK, you’re excused

If you’re a walker and your New Year’s resolution was to try and run a hash, this is the perfect one to give it a go. Perfectly flat and very scenic. You’ve already committed to trying something new this year so – No Excuse


Not Tonight, Cums 4 Seconds, Steaming Pile of Shit



A-A (bag drop available)



Saturday January 2th(周六  01月02日)

Winter Hours so meet at 1:30 PM, Run Start at 2:00 PM


Hash Cash:

30RMB (run, beer and circle)

80RMB (run, beer, circle + dinner)


Restaurant & Meet-Up Spot:

Lai xi kou  ( Tianshuiyuan ) ,No19-5.Shuiduiizi Beili

来西口(甜水园店). 水碓子北里19号楼19-5号。




Arrive at line 6/14 the Jintailu(金台路) stop. Exit E northwest and walk 400 meters. 乘坐地铁6/14号线金台路。从E西北口出,步行400米