Analytical + Inspired = Truth

Now there is a growing awareness and recognition of the necessity to a kennel of truth for the analytical walk or the inspired run. Nevertheless, nothing could be more obvious than the evidence that both walkers and runners enjoy the trail, some fancying refreshing water, some caring for frigid beer. The activity optimization pales into insignificance by comparison to the vibe and desire on the trail. The hashers gestate fecundity asunder and come to grips with intralingual translation and interlingual translation from languages. A kennel of truth has become the augend via the addend, or into the faciend between times.

For clearing the air, Hashers have a good command of tickling funny bones with respective fetish. None of it matters anymore. Being squeezed by the runaway reason, out of the blue, the breathing is harsh and wheezy accompanying a stabbing pain. Those who are losing their minds are milling around. Azathoth is creeping up on no-brainers. The trail appears confused and unknowable a tad southward of the Imperial City. Shtupwaffle focuses on the facts, Banana Shoes follows the gut, Pickle Boy measures the percentage of reasonableness between facts and gut. If you come along, and keep straight ahead, you can see it, EUREKA! (Pickle Boy)


Pickle Boy, Shtupwaffle, Banana Shoes


A-A (Bag drop available. Trail and restaurant both dog-friendly)


Saturday January 9th(周六  01月09日)

Winter Hours so meet at 1:30 PM, Run Start at 2:00 PM

Hash Cash:

30RMB (run, beer and circle)

80RMB (run, beer, circle + dinner)

Restaurant & Meet-Up Spot:

Lao Hu Ji Mian Guan.  No. 12 East Street, Zhushikou, Xicheng District.老浒记面馆   西城区珠市口东大街12号


By subway:

1. alight at Hepingmen Station, Line 2 北京2号线和平门地铁站. Exit C2 (south east), walk directly south for about 800m on North Xinhua Street. Look for someone interesting lurking outside the restaurant in the picture above.

2.  alight at Hufangqiao Station, Line 7 北京7号线湖坊桥站.Not sure what exit number, take the north east one, walk directly north for about 800m on South Xinhua Street. Look for that same interesting lurker.