Here at the center of Pretty Accurate Disease Detection Yielding Science (hereafter: PADDY’S) our staff has been working long and hard hours to find a cure for the COVID-19 virus. This virus has been particularly difficult to combat especially due to mutations in the more mask-resistant geographical zones. Luckily, by using a combination of ancient and modern scientific methods of sequencing and treatment, our research team at PADDY’S has finally identified a cure.


But the scientists of PADDY’S need your help! Some of the ingredients for this cure are very difficult to source and require skill, bravery, and ~science~ to identify and obtain. Are you able to rise to the challenge and help our team gather the ingredients necessary to create the first doses of a cure? If so, come join us at our secret research facility to begin the quest for a cure.


Dr. Dickvago (aka Stillet Hoe), Dr. Henry Jack-all (aka BDSaMateur), & Dr. Marie Cured Meat (aka Just Hannah)



A-A (bag drop available). We’ll be entering a park, so as usual bring masks and have a health kit ready – unfortunately, no dogs are allowed in the park.



Saturday, March 6, 2021

Meet 1:30pm, run starts at 2:00pm


Hash Cash:

30RMB (run, beer and circle)

Dinner at the Roots (buy & pay for what you want) 晚餐分开点分开付。


Restaurant & Meet-Up Spot:

Our hash bar—Paddy’s! 28 Dongzhimen Outer Street. 东直门外大街28号。


D’ erections:

Go to Paddy’s.