Finally, the day is nearly here, the day that makes ppl love, makes ppl jealous of others, the day makes everyone wanting to be loved! 

Romance is a MUST for this day, even if you are single, or old or don’t give a fuck…But really when you seeing all the lovely ppl (not including little evil kids) hugging/kissing/looking at each other with the gentlest eyes, can you still say NO to Valentine’s Day? To love? To the romance?

Cum and let’s love each other by bringing your TRUE HEART!

DressCode:something with heart or love or pink


菊鸡手, Just Alex (Tani), Super Squirter


A-A (bag drop available)


Saturday, Feb 11th

Meet at 1:30 PM, Run Starts at 2:00 PM

Anyone is later than 2pm won’t be able to drop bag.

Hash Cash: 

30RMB (run and beer and circle)

105RMB (run and beer and circle and dinner)

Restaurant & Meet-Up Spot: 

新侨小馆(Xin Qiao Xiao Guan)

北新桥三条1号(No.1 Beixinqiao Santiao)


Subway Line 2: Get out of Dongzhimen Subway Station from Exit A,turn around,get to Dongzhimen Nei Dajie,head to west for 800M, then turn right head to north for another 350M, you will see the resto on the left side.

Subway Line 5: Get out of Beixinqiao Subway Station from Exit A, head to north for 220M, cross the street to the right and get into Beixinqiao Santiao, walk all the way through the santiao from the west to the east end then you will see the resto is on your left side.