Give me an “O”!

Give me an “R”!

Give me a “G”!

Give me a “Y”!

What does that spell?


What does that take?

Grab the tail of late winter and early spring, here comes our annual (kinda) sauna hash!

Finally, we find a sauna place that has hot spring space and with both men and women can be in! Which obvious means ORGY for hash!

Let`s do some teamwork and let the ORGY happen this Saturday.

Do remember to bring your swimming suits or birth suits please!

Hares:Loose lips, Sneaky Sausage, Shitposter_69;

Type: A to A (Bag Drop NOT Available, it`s warm , runners don`t wear your winter clothes anymore;)

When: March 9th, Saturday, 2024

Time: Meet at 1:30pm, run starts at 2pm sharp-ish.

Hash Cash: 30 RMB for run, no dinner. Sauna ticket 139 each person on Meituan. Food available in the sauna place, need to pay extra.

Draft beer on BBB2.

What to Bring: Swimming suits and better bring your passports just in case.

Where: Sunshine bathing place


Address: 50meters to the west of the intersaction of Tuanjiehu road and Yaojiayuan road.



Subway line 10 Tuanjiehu station Exit C, then take a bike or walk about 900 meters to the place as below the map shows:



As usual, this is an adult activity in which we behave like children so expect to see nonsense, licentiousness, a modest level of drunkenness and considerable rude behaviour going on. There may be vomiting on this occasion. Don’t be offended; we’re always like that and if you’re here you’re doing it too. For all of those reasons this isn’t a kid-friendly activity so – unless you’re table 1 – best stay home. More regular members of society are of course very welcome and can of course take part, but be polite, don’t be purposefully rude and remember that if you’re running there’s no winner.