Halloween. it only comes three times a year.
so its that time again… again, to drink, run, and not care how bad your costume is because you were too drunk/hungover to order a good one in time.

Put on your best worst clothes and tear them apart on this post apocalypse run.
Lets hope for a 500 AQI day because no one wants to see clearly what we might get up to or who we might creep up on on this thricely nightmarish run.

The story so far…. there is a deadly virus that has wiped out all the effects of alcohol and has made everyone painfully sober.
NOT TONIGHT i hear you cry, but there is hope.
there is an old legend where in the deep hash abyss of not so ancient Dongzhimen, there is a mad scientist who its said to have only CUMS FOR SECONDS for the antidote. Followed by his assistant who only BLOWS HARDER to assist.
can they find the cure?
will they find it in time so the hash zombies can enjoy the day of anti sobriety?
Cum join us and see…


Not Tonight. Cums for Seconds. Blow Harder

Dress Code

Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

Date and Time

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018
Meet at 1:30pm, Run starts at 2pm Sharp!!(ish)


30 RMB for run and circle
80 RMB for run, circle, and dinner

Meeting Spot

Lai Xi Kou (Chun Xiu Road Store)


From line 2/13 Dongzhimen station Exit C and head East 800m, turn right at Chunxiu Road.You will see the restaurant on the lefthand side of the road.
从地铁2号线/13号线东直门 C 口出,往东走800米 ,在春秀路左侧看到餐厅。