Spring’s in full swing and the hectares of our concrete jungle are finally coming to life with colors, scents, and an occasional layer of fine dust. That means the long wait is over and it’s time for our annual Pajama Run! This is the one day of the year we can all spend the whole day prancing around in our jammies, sipping beer and frolicking through the city maze that is Beijing.

The hares have been busy laying a trail to stimulate all your senses, with parks, canals, and (possibly) even a traditional market… perfect place to pick us some new PJ’s if you piss yourself (or worse) on trail.

So this Sunday, don’t bother with all that getting dressed nonsense, just roll our of bed and cum join us for the BJH3 Pajama Run.

Dress code: Pajamas! Duh!

NEW STARTING TIME: We are moving to summer time from this weekend onwards. Meet-up at 2:30pm and we set off at 3pm.

When: Sunday, April 16

Type: A to B (no bag drop)

Hares: Red Snatcher, Just Yoko, I’m Pregnant

Hash Cash: Run 30 RMB, Run + Dinner 105 RMB

Restaurant: Sichuan Flavor (near Paddy’s) – 川味小馆

Time: Meet at 2:30PM, run starts at 3PM

Where: Liangma River, in front of Jingcheng Mansion

朝阳区京城大厦(新源街西) 朝阳区新源街

D’erections: From Liangmaqiao subway station (line 10), take exit D. Head towards the river and follow it (going west) for about 600m. 从亮马桥地铁站(10号线),从D出口出来,朝河边走,沿着河边(向西)走大约600米。