On 13th March 1781 at 21 hundred 18 minutes (Cums) 4 Seconds*, William Herschel discovered a new planet in the solar system. He gave it a name that would would cause schoolboys to chuckle for generations to come. Why he did this, no one is completely sure. Some claim he named it after an Ancient Greek god (refer to the RA for religious information) which sounds incredibly similar.

At one point NASA even declared we’d been pronouncing it wrong but the half-minds of the Hash (as well as others), including Just Juani, made them back down and finally concede that Your Anus is in fact the seventh planet from the Sun.

To answer your question about whether Your Anus will be visible later. Unfortunately, no, Not Tonight.

* We cannot verify if all the information in this post is completely correct.


Cums 4 Seconds, Not Tonight, Just Juani


Saturday  March 13th(周六  03月13日)

Winter Hours so meet at 1:30 PM, Run Starts at 2:00 PM sharp(ish)!

Hash Cash:

30RMB (run, beer, and circle)

80RMB (run, beer, circle + dinner)

Restaurant and Meet-up Location:

Adaxi Xinjiang Flavour (Jintailu Branch),Jintailiyi21haolou



From Jintailu Subway Station (Line 6/Line 14) take Exit D and head East along Chaoyang Beilu, then turn right and head south along Jintailu (the road). Walk for about 400 meters and you’ll arrive at the restaurant. It’s seriously simple but if you’re still confused: Follow the Marks!