Normally you won’t find her poking up thru the foamy white head at the surface.  She likes to stay deep down near the [beer] ocean floor, where the suds aren’t so thick and the sunlight can’t penetrate her pale flesh.

But when the savage, slimy Umberlee storms in, swirling his tentacles in sinister pursuit, there’s nothing the poor mermaid could do but splash her way up to the land of the drunken sea creatures and squirt out a cry for help.

By the good grace of Poseidon’s stiff trident, one virtuous hasher aboard the HMS Booty Hunter heard the mermaid’s plea for help, and righteously downed the sea of beer in an instant, burying the savage Umberlee forever…

But when the tides went out, and the humble hasher’s tipsy haze subdued, she was shocked to find that the mermaid was nowhere to be found…

We need all hashers on deck this Sunday to help us locate the missing mermaid.  Whether lost on trail, or cozying up with some sweaty old men at the sauna, for the love of beer-dwelling beasts all over the planet, she must be found!

Sauna Details:

After circle, we will head directly to the sauna, just around the corner from circle spot.

Hash Cash:

30rmb for beer stops and circle.

No resto.  Dinner can be bought nearby on your own, or buy in the sauna.

Your Hares:

Singaporn Star, Just Ginger, and Just Zhen


Trail is A-B, no bag drop


Sunday, Feb 26th

1:30pm meet-up, 2:00pm start


For those who don’t turn into raisins at the sauna.. on Paddy’s !

D’erections to Meet-up Spot:

Take Line 6 to Qingnian Lu station.  Get out at Exit D.  Turn left out of the exit, heading west on Qingnian Lu.  After appx 20 meters, turn left and you’ll arrive at the meet up spot, an open area in front of some shops.