One of the great questions of musicology is why the band Earth, Wind & Fire only had three elements.  Why just three??  The Chinese zodiac and Bruce Willis agree there are five elements, and modern hashology has cum a long way since.  So cum with us in search of the 69th element, as we save the planet by inseminating it with stomach-recycled Yanjings.

The annual Earth Day element-themed cache hash is back, with the most observant hashers once again gaining riches, fame, and glory (holes) beyond their wettest dreams. This year we’re adding the heaviest element of all: \m/etal!

Dresscode: Show your deep (so deep) love for the planet by stripping down and clothing yourself in mud and grass.  Alternatively, wannabe tree-huggers can just wear blue and green.

Hash cash:

30rmb (run/walk, beer stops, circle) 105rmb (run/walk, beer stops, circle, and dinner)

Your Hares: Orgy Dungeon, Singaporn Star, Just Amanda

Trail: Trail is A-A, bag can be dropped at restaurant.

When: Saturday, 22nd April. 2:30pm meet-up, 3:00pm start

Meet up: 

餐厅:金鼎轩 宴会厅(地坛店)  地址:和平里西街77号

Name of Restaurant: Jindingxuan (Ditan Branch)

Address: Hepingli West Street No. 77, Dongcheng District

D’erections to meet up spot (via subway):

Line 2 or 5 to Lama Temple station (exit A) 雍和宫站 A 出口

Cross Hepingli West Street, then walk over the canal bridge.  Restaurant is on left side before reaching Ditan park.

On-after: Nearby mystery bar, followed by Paddy’s.