As we know …“as we know“…, we Germans are straight forward and very efficient!

So all you need to know is:

Das wird hier kein Kindergeburtstag!

By “Vollgas”, we are not talking about an open speed limit ride at the German Autobahn, because all you lazy bastards are way too slow.

This time “Vollgas” is all about drink it “down down down down down down down down”!

Hash cash:

30rmb (run/walk, beer stops, circle)

105rmb (run/walk, beer stops, circle, and dinner)

Your Hares:

Just Alex, München Ass, Bloody Butt Precise


Trail is A-A, bag can be dropped at restaurant.


Saturday, 29th July

2:30pm meet-up, 3:00pm start

Meet up:



Name of Restaurant: Guo Lin’s home-cooked dishes (Jiu Xianqiao Store)

Address: No. 27 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District


to meet up spot (via subway):

Jiangtai Station, Exit C. Then just along the road, cross the river and the street.

As usual, this is an adult activity in which we behave like children so expect to see nonsense, licentiousness, a modest level of drunkenness and considerable rude behaviour going on. There may be vomiting on this occasion. Don’t be offended; we’re always like that and if you’re here you’re doing it too. For all of those reasons this isn’t a kid-friendly activity so – unless you’re table 1 – best stay home. More regular members of society are of course very welcome and can of course take part, but be polite, don’t be purposefully rude and remember that if you’re running there’s no winner.