Two hundredish years ago, the world was run by tyrants. They hailed from a sad tiny island and demanded homage from those they oppressed. But one day, people in America said, F*** that. And then they kicked the tyrants’ pansie asses. And that’s how Americans invented freedom — You’re welcome. But freedom isn’t free. It takes guts, courage and lots of water guns. Sometimes you’ve gotta sue somebody. Sometimes you’ve gotta beat down fellow shoppers for a big screen on Black Friday. And sometimes you’ve gotta get wet.
Arm yourself (with a water gun) and come fight for freedom this Fourth of July at Olympic Park. Instead of our traditional dinner, we’ll have a picnic in the park. Please pack a meal or feel free to get something delivered. There will be beer, of course, and WAR!
**Things to Bring: Water gun, picnic blanket, things you wanna play with in the park, maybe even your own snacks or food for picnic after hash
**Not Dog Friendly. No bikes inside of the park.Bag Drop YES!
Hares: Gobblin’ King, Cheezy Balls, Super Squirter and Kiddiepoo
Type: A to A
When: July 4th
Time: *IMPORTANT* Meet at 12:30 PM, run starts at 1:00 PM
Hash Cash: 30 RMB run and circle. Please bring your own food or look ahead of time for waimai options. THERE IS NO ORGANIZED DINNER!
Meetup: inside of West gate at North part of Olympic Park, 奥林匹克森林公园北园西门内
D’erections: Arrive at Lincuiqiao (Line 8) exit C1, walk 950 meters north on the east side of the road until you come to the West gate of the park. Enter the gate and head southeast. Find the Rest Area near Hua Tian Ye Qu at the southwest corner of the north part of Olympic Park.