What do you enjoy about a BH3 run?

Is it being tipsy during the day; taking pleasure in a meandering Odyssey during which you encounter strange things you don’t quite know the meaning of?

Is it the chance to cut out from the noise and find yourself in a peaceful place where you can makes sense of things?

Or is it drunken rancor that comes from drinking shitty beer?

Well, on this run you’ll only be getting the first two, because we won’t be giving you shitty beer!

Built to host the 2013 International Garden Expo, the Beijing Garden Expo Park is today one of the eeriest places in the capital. With an area of over five square kilometers, its hundred-plus, weird and wonderful gardens are too many to explore in one day, although if you follow Pickles he’ll show you the best ones.

Over the past decade much of it has been abandoned and untended, to reach a beautiful state of crumbling dereliction today.

In addition to exquisite gardens for different countries and Chinese provinces, we’ll take you through a ghostly tumbledown sunken valley, with plenty of shiggy and overgrown stairways.

The first beer stop offers clear views over the Yongding River. Then onto a deserted space exploration exhibition, with a full-size replica of the Chinese space station, that looks like it came straight off the set of a post-Apocalypse movie.

Lastly in the south there is a square kilometer of overgrown wetland. Under the mellow, late afternoon sunshine of an autumn day, with the wind whispering through the tall rushes, it is one of the most peaceful places in Beijing. For the circle and two beer stops there will be German beer.

So for a great run under perfect weather in a mysterious and unfamiliar place with good beer, we hope you can join us!

Hares: Pickle Boy, Little Red Shittinghood, All Asshole No Sack

Type: A to B, no bag drop.

When: Thursday, October 5th, 2023. Meet at 1:30pm, run/walk starts at 2:00pm

Hash Cash: 30 rmb for run and circle only, 105 rmb for run, circle and dinner afterwards. The restaurant is a short taxi or bike ride away from the circle.

Where: Starts inside Gate No. 4 of the Garden Expo Park. Exact location will be posted on the morning of the run.

D’erections: Garden Expo Park Subway Station, near the west end of Line 14, (园博园地铁站B2出口)From Exit B2, walk about 1km northwest up Garden Expo Road (园博大道)to Gate No. 4 of the Garden Expo Park. (北京园博园4号门口).

As usual, this is an adult activity in which we behave like children so expect to see nonsense, licentiousness, a modest level of drunkenness and considerable rude behaviour going on. There may be vomiting on this occasion. Don’t be offended; we’re always like that and if you’re here you’re doing it too. For all of those reasons this isn’t a kid-friendly activity so – unless you’re table 1 – best stay home. More regular members of society are of course very welcome and can of course take part, but be polite, don’t be purposefully rude and remember that if you’re running there’s no winner.