Hashes lately have been intense. We’ve gone to infinity and beyond to reach these hash locations. Most of us are second or third ring fucks and we don’t pay our badly valued apartments to have to leave the city center for fun!


Well, don’t worry your favorite chilled hashers are taking over and bringing the hash back to the city. This is a special weekend. A year ago, the BJHHH brought Don’t Have Sex with Me and LooseLips together and these debaucherous hashers are going to celebrate their anniversary this week. How? By giving away the love potions they don’t need anymore! Naturally, there are two types black and yellow (shout out WizKhalifa). But we can’t forget about Just MJ, who will be losing his hare virginity. If anyone deserves a drink of the potions it’ll be this frontrunning bastard but beware hashers… he’s already taken.


Loose Lips, Don’t Have Sex with Me, Just MJ(virgin hare)



Saturday, 29th May 2021



2:30 pm, Run starts at 3:00 pm



A-A (bag drop available, bbb2 is not dog-friendly)


Hash Cash:

30 RMB (run, beer, and circle)

90 RMB (run, beer, circle, and dinner)


Metro station / Meet up:

Adaxi Xinjiang Flavor, 阿达西新疆风味餐厅(金台路店)

21st Jintai North Road, Chaoyang, Beijing



Jintailu Station (Line 6, Line 14), Exit D