We’ve made it through another week, but this week was especially foreboding for the day of judgement was upon us! Well… it was a pretty shitty apocalypse. Not the massive can’t flush it type, more the itty bitty kiddepoo kind.


Still, like RAs past we spoke to the Hash Gods so that they might grant us their mercy. We wanted a virgin – purest of all humans – to go to the mountains to negotiate but we didn’t have any at hand. (Jing-A had a beer special). So, we got the next best thing. A man people literally tell don’t have sex with me wherever he travels (he doesn’t cum much anyways).


Now the bargain has been struck! A hash through the hutongs has been demanded. We will guide this pilgrimage through the hutongs with care never before seen on the BJH3. For the Hash Gods have threatened to turn their wrath to our internet next. If that happens friends, WeChat pay will be the least of our worries… there are only so many times a person whacks it lyrical before it isn’t even worth the trouble anymore.



Kiddie Poo, Whacks It Lyrical, Don’t Have Sex With Me


Sunday March 21st( 03月21日)

Winter Hours so meet at 1:30 PM, Run Starts at 2:00 PM

Hash Cash:

30RMB (run, beer, and circle)

80RMB (run, beer, circle + dinner)

Restaurant and Meet-up Location:

遐意餐厅Xiayi Restaurant, Beijing Dongsi North Street No.112


From ZhangZiZhongLu station (Line 5) Exit B, walk North on Dongsi North Street, and the restaurant is on the right.