Unbelievably, despite all the hype, we still haven’t reached the 1999th or 2000th runs so we’ll just have to do another one to fill the gap. Well, come on down y’all, to possibly the best hash of the entire month so far, and a suitable way to escape the need to clean the memorials to our ancestors who, if they knew what we do at weekends, would be turning in their graves so fast there’d be a low humming noise.

Come on down to the beautiful Tonghui river valley and marvel at the facilities modern China has to offer. Even better than that, come to the entirely indulgent on-after malarkey in a nearby hot Spa for pampering, purging and other nonsense. Exfoliate! Expunge! Exude!


Your hares on this exemplary occasion will be the elegant Whacks It Lyrical, the emphatic Spicy Penis, and the everlasting Socratease.



A-A (bag drop available, but circle will not be exactly at the bag drop)




Saturday, April 3rd, 2021.

Still Winter hours…meet 1:30pm, run starts at 2:00pm


Hash Cash:

30RMB (run, beer and circle)

Pay-your-own on-after including dinner (optional): 239 RMB


Important: This is a special-event hash with a pay-your-own dinner/on-after combo at a hotspring hotel. BRING A SWIMSUIT. The entrance fee at the hotel is 239 RMB, and includes 18 hours of access to the showers, sauna, pools, and buffet. The trail and circle are separate from the hotel, so you’re welcome to just hash and not join the on-after; if you’re busy in the afternoon but want to join at the hotel in the evening, that’s also okay. There are shared mixed-sex areas in hotspring pools outside, so bring a swimsuit if you want to hang out there, or you can just stay in the separate indoor areas and get your scrub on – up to you.


温泉的费用与hash费用是分开的。大家可以选择只参加hash、只参加温泉部分,或者hash 温泉都参加。


Meetup: (also the on-after spot)

Hanjinbai No.9 Hot Spring International Hotel  瀚金佰九号温泉国际酒店.

No. 9, Tonghui Riverside, East to Sihui Bridge, Chaoyang

D’Erections: Sihui (Line 1) is the closest ditie stop, but it’s still another 1.4km walk to the hotel, so if you take subway, best to find a bike. Cross the big freeway to the South, follow the path to the bridge and cross the Tonghui River. Then turn left, walk East along the river, and the hotel will be on your right (the map directs you to the back entrance but you can get there just walking along the river).