If you’re Six Kuai Short of a pint and can’t afford to go to Paddy’s (or QMex), if you wanna take your Hard On out for a walk / run, or if you would just like to get your Dry Hole moist again: join our Full Moon Sanlitour, starting at Blister Fister’s place and ending at Heaven supermarket as the final beer stop (for beer), and Mr. Shi’s (for dumplings)!

Your Full Moon Hash mismanagement believes it is time to explore new Beijing territory, to mingle with other drunks in Sanlitur and to refute what is probably the scariest and saddest of all Hash songs – after this week’s Full Moon Hash it shall be rewritten into something like: “In heaven there is a fucking lot of beer, that’s why we swig it here…”

Hashers and Harriettes! Stop drinking for just a moment and study the Hash songs at: https://www.hash.cn/songbook/ or subscribe to the Beijing Hash wechat account. Yours, Songmeister Agent Orgy.

Also, New Full Moon Hash Stash! All those who have ever wasted their time and sobriety with the Full Moon Hash shall have treasures beyond imagination bestowed upon them.

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  • Hares:
    Hares chosen on the spot
  • When:
    Thursday, October 29th at 7:30 pm, run starts at 8 pm
  • Where:
    Chaoyang District, Xin Dong Lu, Number 10
  • Directions:
    Drop your stuff off at Blister Fister’s place in Sanlitur, 10 Xindong Lu, one corner north of Heaven supermarket. It is the building with the dental (not mental) clinic on the corner. To ring the door bell, type in 1208 and go to the 12th floor. Or call Blister Fister: 138 1122 9491
  • Hash Cash:
    20 rmb for run and circle; split dinner afterwards