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Update #2: Cancelled due to pollution and GM is hurt.

Update #1: Location changed.

Autumn has passed and beavers are actively preparing for winter. But never fear, dear hashers, we still have one last chance to pursue our favorite furry creatures to ensure a winter of warm fur. Under November’s Beaver Moon, we’ll drink, run and set our traps before it’s too dam cold to catch more beaver this year. Come start your week off right in the cool night air and celebrate your favorite mangy hides, smooth skins and furry pelts.

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  • Hares:
    Hares chosen on the spot
  • When:
    Monday, November 30 7:30pm meet, 8:00pm run
  • Restaurant:
    粗粮人家 (Cu Liang Ren Jia)
    Phone: 51290123
  • Directions:
    From Dongsishitiao Exit A, head west for about 200 meters. The restaurant will be on your right, after crossing the intersection with Cang Jia Dao road (仓夹道). If coming by cab/bike/beaver, it’s in the parking lot on the northwest corning of the Dongsishitiao 东四十条 and Cangjiadao 仓夹道 intersection.
  • Hash Cash:
    20 rmb run and circle, AA dinner

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