Your illustrious GM has decided to fuck off and wander in the deserts of western China for an undisclosed period of time.  So in true hash fashion, Dry Hole has been volunteered to GM the Full Moon hash in my absence! Join us at the Dongzhimen hash house, drink beer, howl at the moon, and drink more beer at the DZM house after the circle.


Chosen on the spot, old school rules


A to A


Thursday, June 4th


Meet at 19:30, run starts at 20:00

Hash Cash:

Pay as we go

Meet up:

Dongzhimen Hash House! Dongyangguan Hutong Building 8 Unit 2 Apartment 601, 东阳管胡同8号楼2单601室


Dongzhimen subway stop Exit A, follow the marks into Ming’an Xiaoqu. Or just follow Dongzhimen Nei Dajie west to the first traffic light, turn right, then take the first right into the neighborhood, and the building’s on the right.