Tonight the obscure imagination of fearless souls are invoking the creatures of the night once again…. after 3 centuries of being guarded in the cold hearts of humans, the creatures of the night are ready to welcome the Moon with all its splendor, with all its magic, with all its horror! The omen is about to be fulfilled: This very night the Beijing Full Moon Hash awakes again for the first nightmare of the year: FULL MOON RUN #28: THE RETURN OF THE DAMN-NED!

  • TYPE:
    A to A, Live trail, old school catch-the-hare rules.
  • HARE:
    Our faith will be chosen right there.
  • WHEN:
    This TUESDAY, 22 of February – 7:30pm, Hare off at 8:00pm
  • WHERE:
    We meet at Tim’s Texas Bar-B-Q, No. 14 Dongdaqiao Rd, Accross the Silk Market. Southeast corner of Guanghua Lu and Dongdaqiao Lu. 400MTS from the Yong’anli Station in line 1. Check map and directions
    Is Freeee!! (you pay what you consume)
    Flashlight/headlamp, dry bag, virgins, new shoes, “Get Out of Jail Free” card, Silver bullets, crucifixes, garlic, holy water or one of those small leprechauns from Ireland… But still travel light.
    Walkers are very welcome to howl with us tonight! Scared?? any Questions?

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