Some hashers feel irritable and mentally unstable, they snap for no reason and drive coworkers nuts, to say nothing of their spouses and/or “significant jerks”… Yes, you guessed – it’s that time of month again. The fool moon, sometimes called the “lunatics’ itch”. Only known cure for the fool moon itch is the Full Moon Run! This Wednesday…


Our faith will be chosen right there


Live trail, old school catch-the-hare rules


Wednesday, January 27th, 2016


Meet at 19:30, run starts at 20:00

Hash Cash:

20 RMB run and circle
Dinner equally shared

Meet up:

The good old Russian restaurant White Nights or 白夜西餐.


Dong zhi men metro  line 2(东直门地铁), Exit A, walk about 400 m to the West on dong zhi men nei da jie (东直门内大街), then turn north on Dong zhi men bei zhong jie (东直门中街) for another 300 m.