When spring cums, pollen appears. When pollen cums, pollen allergy appears. When you have pollen allergy, spring is no longer that nice, no longer that bright, no longer that fresh and green. Not to mention going to work everyday with your itchy eyes👀, your running nose👃 and your dizzy head☠️.

So why dont we just hangout in pajamas and make things easier on this weekend? Pajamas would be always warming you up or make you feel being surrounded and loved, and pajamas, is the new home, they give you the feelings of being at home. Right, sweet pajamas, sweet home🏠

Pollen allergy also makes the birthday girl Super Squirter💧 no longer want to keep being pretty, but she is ready to confess cuz she should have tried to drink more beer to defend against pollen allergy even before it happens. About another birthday girl BDSaMateur👧, weve been told that she cant make it to the hash before circle. Maybe it could save her some time if we make it a pajamas run, hope she gets here bit earlier, well be waiting👄. 

And when its not just one hashers birthday, then it is birthday for all the hashers. Well, in this case Super Squirter is gonna bring good beer🍺 for all the hashers!  👣👣

BUT if you think it is just a birthday run, youre wrong

If you think it is just a pajamas run, youre so wrong

As weve got 2 birthday girls, we also have 2 virgin hares👱👱(They are both hot🤐

So dont miss the run, dont miss the good beer, dont miss your hot virgin hares, and come in your PAJAMAS!!!

Dress code

(Yes… we all wear Pajamas!!)


Just Marshall, Just John & Super Squirter


 Sunday, March 24


 Meet at 1:30PM, Hash starts at 2PM


 A to A

Hash Cash

30RMB for the hash and circle, or

80RMB for hash, circle, and dinner


Chang Ying San Xiong Di 常赢三兄弟(国贸店)

Baiziwan Lu 百子湾路京粮大厦北侧


From Line 1/10 Guomao Station Exit C, head south for 780m. When you get to Baiziwan Lu, turn left and head east, crossing under the 3rd Ring Road, for 90m. Restaurant is on the north side of Baizwan Lu, just back from the street.