Shunyi? Where’s that? Taoranting? What? Hepingmen? Huh? Look, you guys need to understand that I only hang out in a nice central part of Beijing. There, dressed in my “Obamao” t-shirt I ride my appropriately vintage bike that I bought at Beixinqiao back and forth among the happy hutongs inside the second ring road. Have they been “chai”ed?  Huh? I don’t really understand you there. Oh… no man it’s ok, I’ve already had enough chai this morning at Starbucks. Anyway, between my quick jaunts to Element Fresh those matchbook stores on Nanluoguxiang and nights at Q Bar how am I supposed to get to all of these other places?  I mean I’ve got all I need right here. When will there be a hash for me right in the center of my world?

  • TYPE
    A to A
    Cock Sourcerer and Ally
  • WHEN
    Sunday May 29, 2011
  • TIME
    We’ll meet at 14:30, run starts at 15:00
    Exit D, South West Exit of Dongsishitiao subway Station Line 2
    20 run only, 60 run and dinner
    Deja Vu as we’ve probably ran parts of this route 100 times before.